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Ebony Tristar Business Development

We aren’t just passionate about electronics, we are passionate about the amazing people who make up the Canadian Consumer Electronics and Custom Integration Industry.

Ebony Tristar continually strives to be the go-to, most trusted, and well respected sales agency in the consumer electronics and custom integration market.

We have the experience and understanding of this industry which allows us to put the right brands in the hands of the right retail and custom integration partners to ensure continued growth and success for everyone involved. We are not satisfied until you are.

Your website is your storefront before your storefront. In a vast sea of ever-growing online competition for top of mind awareness, you need to make sure your business doesn’t get lost in the weeds.

With fresh team members on-board, Ebony Tristar is able to bring our experience in both the CE/CI industry, as well as the digital media space, to bring forth an amazing value proposition for those in our industry (retailers, integrators, and manufacturers alike). We will work with you to design, develop, and deploy a website which meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. Our team of talented web designers and developers is excited to help you bring your business to another level in the online world.

  • Ground-up Website Design and Development services custom tailored for your business. Whether it’s simple multi-page informational site, a landing page for an online ad campaign, or full blown e-commerce, we’ll make it happen with the features you need to continue to grow your site. We are bespoke, not cookie cutter.
  • We take a consultative approach to ensure that we achieve the results you are looking for in a fresh new website for your business.
  • Receive the industry-leading level of support you have come to expect from Ebony Tristar with your website development project. You will never be left in the dark.
  • Looking to develop a mobile app? We can do that too. We have a strong, creative team of designers and programmers here to help bring your vision to life on the mobile screen.
Ebony Tristar Consultative Website Development
Retail & Distribution

Marketing and Advertising as an independent business owner can be very challenging. We’re here to help.

As a business owner, finding new ways to advertise and promote your business are an essential part of keeping fresh prospects walking through your doors. Word of mouth is powerful, but you still need to find ways to keep that sales funnel filled to the brim with new leads. The challenge as an independent business owner is that hiring somebody full time to handle marketing and advertising often seems like a waste of money. You may not have the time to train and manage a full time employee who is solely responsible for marketing your business. So what do you do? We have often found that these responsibilities get passed on to one of your sales staff when times are slow, who may or may not have the skills and expertise required to properly execute an advertising campaign and develop the appropriate materials and content. Not only that, but this added responsibility takes away from their time doing what they’re really paid to do, which is to sell. More often then not, when things on the sales floor pick up, these marketing duties become abandoned to cultivate sales at hand, but once those sales have been captured, your sales team hits another slow wave because of the lack of marketing activities during your busier sales times.

Another option is to hire some agency that cold-called you one day to handle your marketing. Sure, it may be less costly than hiring a full time employee, but are these agencies staffed by advertising executives with any experience in our industry? Probably not. Are they able to speak our language? It’s doubtful.

That’s where we come in. With our combined experience working hands on in the Consumer Electronics and Custom Integration industry at all levels (integrator, retail, wholesale), as well as our background in digital and print advertising, we can help you manage your marketing and advertising efforts with a value proposition which is hard to match. We’re offering the best of both worlds to help drive success to your marketing efforts.

  • Social Media Management

    Social Media has become such an integral part of any business, regardless of size or number of employees. So much so that it is a job in and of itself. For social media to effectively work for your business, it requires a healthy balance of fresh, consistent and relevant content, as well as constant engagement with your audience. Our team will ensure your social media profiles are posting regularly, and engaging daily with your target audience, providing growth to your following, improving brand awareness, and generating fresh leads to your business.

  • Digital Marketing

    Whether you need to develop a landing page to generate leads for smart-home projects, create a digital flyer, push out promotion information to your email list, or manage an online advertising campaign, we’ve got you covered.

  • Print Advertising

    Flyers, company brochures, business cards, trade show signage and standing banners, price tags, and pretty well everything in-between. We will consult with you to design and develop the print advertising and marketing assets to help keep your business running. We also have printing partners to execute the final product, so we can manage the entire process from start to finish.

  • Content Development and Copy Writing

    One of the most important elements to the organic growth of a website is content development. Without fresh content, your web presence will suffer from lack of SEO, and you are missing out on a huge untapped opportunity to generate new business. We can help generate fresh content for your website in the form of blog posts, announcements, event reminders, email newsletters, and more.

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